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GarbleCloud gives you a simple, intuitive way to get unmatched privacy & productivity in the cloud.

GarbleCloud provides Cloud Security & Aggregation as a Service for public cloud stores like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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Protect sensitive data across clouds

Powerful, yet easy to use policy-based file encryption (AES-256) and seamless key management allow for regulated access and ensure that your data is always safe.

Secure sharing & collaboration

Share files across clouds by simply using drag-n-drop!

Share & collaborate on encrypted files and documents, create secure folders for managing multiple files, and define encrypted file/folder access & sharing policies.

Powerful, secure search

GarbleCloud facilitates full-text search across all connected accounts – including encrypted documents & files!

Cloud aggregation

Access multiple clouds from a single, simple unified interface.

Conduct integrated search and transfer files across clouds, seamlessly.

Cloud Interoperability & Enhanced Productivity

By enabling inter-cloud operations (search, file transfer, etc.), GarbleCloud saves time and effort – leading to better productivity and worry-free data control.

Share files & collaborate across clouds, while extending functionality of one platform to another.

Highly Scalable, Reliable Performance

Built on an industry-leading platform for delivering high performance web applications that scale seamlessly to hundreds of millions of users.

Garble Cloud has a highly secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure, and provides secure identity management with two-factor authentication and Single Sign-on.

GarbleCloud currently works with Google Drive & Dropbox. More integration and great features coming soon!

Garblecloud, Inc. is proud to be a Google® Cloud Partner

Google Cloud Partner

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